To use a USB/jack microphone on app (beta) and jack on the Shadow Box (PTR)


You may have trouble running your microphone on your application or on your Shadow Box

IMPORTANT: All the manipulations explained below must be carried out from the Beta applications (Windows) and the Beta version (PTR of the Shadow Box). If you do not know how to activate the RPT version of the Shadow Box, do not hesitate

Part One: Configuration

Switch to the Beta version of the application or RPT on Shadow Box. For applications please disable the microphones (if there is more than one) and keep only the one you want to use, uncheck the option USB over IP (during the configuration) and check the Microphone option before starting your Shadow.



2 / Restart streaming and wait for a window (popup) ask you to restart in order to apply the update.


valid the restart then

Part 2 : Checking

Do a Right click on the sound icon in the Windows taskbar (usually bottom right) and click on SOUNDS. (on your Shadow)


Then click on the Recording tab and check the presence of External Microphone Headphone. (on your Shadow)


Navigate to Device Manager by right-clicking on the Windows logo and clicking Device Manager. (on your Shadow)


Do a Double-click Audio, Video, and Game Controllers and double-click Shadow Virtual Audio device. Go to the "Driver" tab and check the version of the driver that should be "". (on your Shadow)



Verify that Windows allows applications to use the microphone on your local PC. To do this, right-click on the Windows logo and click Settings. (on your local PC)


Go to the Privacy section (on your local PC)


Then click on the Microphone tab and check that the applications are allowed to use the microphone. (on your local PC)


For Mac users (Mojave version), go to System and Security and Privacy Preferences and check that the Shadow application is checked. (on your MAC)


Check in the sound devices (right click on the sound icon) on your Shadow that External microphone headphone is selected by default. (on your Shadow)


Then check that the renderer sends the audio-in to OCapture by retrieving the shadow.log file located on your local PC, you will find the path to follow on the photo below. (on your local PC)


Under MAC open the Terminal, type the following: (on your MAC)

  • cd ".shadow"
  • shadow.log

Look at the lines containing "audio device found" and check that it matches the desired microphone


If after that you still have problems to operate your microphone please test the following manipulations (on your Shadow):

In the advanced device statistics of its External Microphone Headphone follow the following steps:

         1/ Select the sampling rate 44100 Hz and have Apply (first image).
         2/ Disable and re-enable the device (second image)
         3/ Select the sampling rate 48000 Hz and have Apply (first image).
         4/ Disable and re-enable the device (second image).

Untitled_5.png    Untitled_6.png

Thanking MrGyzmo for his contribution!

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