How long does activation take?


Shadow accounts are typically activated within a few hours of subscribing. In some circumstances, we may experience a high volume of subscribers, causing a delay. Once your Shadow has been activated, you will receive an email and your billing date will start the same day. 

Note: If you've subscribed to Shadow and have not received an email confirming Shadow is activated, check your spam or junk folder.

If you're currently waiting for Shadow to be activated, we recommend using this time to connect with us on our social media channels, including Discord US or Discord UK.

Why does activation take so long?

Activation delays occur due to high demand as have offered a promotion or an affiliate may have advertised Shadow on our behalf.

When activation times increase, our teams are alerted and they will attempt to activate your Shadow as quickly as possible. They may even make addititional efforts to reduce delays by temporarily disabling a backup feature on the account page which will create more space for on boarding new users.

Am I paying while waiting to be activated?

When you purchase a subscription for Shadow, your first month's payment is already processed. This allows you to secure your order on our servers. Your billing cycle will start once Shadow has been activated.

What happens while I wait?

Once your account is ready and your Shadow has been activated, you will receive an automatic email from us inviting you to log in to Shadow. Check your spam or junk folders for possible emails from Shadow or Blade Corporation.


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