IPV4/IPV6 Compatibility


What is it ?

IPV6 is an IP protocol update. Developped in 128 bits, it allows you to overcome the fact that we are exhausting the number of available IP addresses. It still has the disadvantage of not offering backward compatibility with IPV4.

Is it compatible with Shadow ?

For now, Shadow isn't compatible with IPV6 and it is necessary to stay in IPV4.

Furthermore, if a software or a game offers you an option allowing the IPV6 usage, this option should never be accepted.

For example World of Warcraft offers this feature, checking the option increases the latency from near 300 ms.



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  • Please enable IPv6 support for shadow. In Germany (and possible other countries as well) most big internet providers don't have native IPv4 any more (they use CGNAT or Dual-Stack Lite), but this lags from time to time, while IPv6 connections work without any problems.
    And please don't advise people to not use IPv6, because which works better fully depends on where you live and what your internet provider does. Only because WoW doesn't work well for you does not mean it is the same on the whole planet.

  • At least put this requirement on the front page. Your customers should know that the service won't work with their IPv6 network BEFORE they purchase a subscription. I didn't know, was excited, payed for one month to only figure out that my IP protocol is not supported. This article isn't even available on the german support page. I had to google it.

  • Agreed, IPv6 is quickly becoming an essential requirement for Tier 1 data centers and ISP's and should be supported by Shadow for forward looking compatibility. Game studios are looking to the future of micro-kernel architectures and distributed platforms for hosting online components of game services. These will rapidly consume available IP space as elastic resource allocation spools up additional systems and hosts. IPv6 is the only sustainable way to bring about these changes and will quickly leave single stack IPv4 customers in the dust.

  • I agree. I think I have the same problem here as my ISP uses so called DS Lite which doesn't give me a unique IP4 adress.
    If it gets not fixed I have to deny the creditcard payment.

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