Install Shadow on iOS


With Shadow for iOS, you're no longer restricted from using Windows apps on your iOS devices. To start gaming, rendering, and enjoying all that a PC brings, use this guide to install Shadow on your iPhone or iPad.


Note: Shadow  is only available to Shadow subscribers. If you don't have a subscription to Shadow, purchase a subscription.


  1. From your iOS device, log into My Account.

  2. Tap the Applications tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Shadow Applications section.

  4. Find iOS > tap App Store to find the Shadow app.

  5. When the App Store opens, tap Get.

  6. Open the Shadow app when installation is finished.

  7. Sign in using your Shadow email address and password.

  8. Use the Shadow app to start your Shadow desktop.
    • On iOS, tap the Shadow logo.
    • On Windows or macOS, click Start.


Ready to experience the ultimate PC from your iOS device? Install your favorite apps and games, and enjoy!


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