Install Shadow on Ubuntu


We're proud to offer our official beta version of Shadow for Ubuntu! Because this is a very early beta, we have a unique set of instructions recommended only for advanced users who are confident using Ubuntu or other Linux systems. Follow the instructions below to install Shadow on Ubuntu. Before proceeding, confirm your Ubuntu system is in good health and has not received any significant system changes.


Warning: This guide may not work on computers with an NVIDIA graphics card.


Download Shadow for Ubuntu

To download the Shadow installer for Ubuntu, go to My Account, then click the Applications tab. Here, you can download Shadow for Ubuntu 17.10 or 18.04. Download the version for your operating system.


Operating system

File name

Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 18.04


Note: Both zip files contain the .deb, the changelogs, and the installation steps for their Ubuntu operating system version.


Extract the zip file to a location of your choice, then install Shadow using a terminal or a graphical user interface.


Install from a terminal

Execute the following commands:

sudo dpkg —unpack shadow-alpha-XXX.deb (XXX bionic|artful)
sudo apt-get -f install


Install from a graphical user interface

Double-click shadow-alpha-XXX.deb (XXX bionic|artful)


Run installer


./shadow-beta (or click on the desktop shadow icon)


./shadow-alpha (or click on the desktop shadow icon)


Known issues

  • No Nvidia video acceleration support
  • No wayland support



Ctrl-G + Shift-G +:

  • G: Grab/Ungrab inputs
  • F: Fullscreen/Windowed
  • Q: Quit the app
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