I bought additional storage space but can't find it on Shadow


Some customers have encountered a bug causing their 1TB hard drive not to appear within 24 hours of purchasing. If you've waited for 24 hours and your new hard drive has not appeared, follow the workaround we've documented below to initialize your new disk and resolve this issue.

We're working on an official solution and are prepared to update users as soon as the issue is resolved.

Warning: This article is for users who have subscribed to the additional storage and are not seeing the new storage drive appearing on their Shadow after 24 hours.



Before proceeding, use the Shadow app to shutdown Shadow. Once Shadow has shut down, start Shadow, locate your new hard drive, then create a new simple volume on that drive.

  1. From the Shadow app, shutdown Shadow.

  2. Start Shadow, then log in to Windows.

  3. In Shadow, click the Start menu, then search for Device Manager.

  4. Open Device Manager, then double-click Disk Drives.

  5. You should see two drives. Look for a hard drive with the name QEMU HARDDISK.

  6. Press the Windows + R keys. In the Run window, type diskmgmt.msc, then click OK.

  7. At the bottom of the Disk Management window, you should see the two drives from step 4.

  8. Right-click the second disk drive (partition), then click Initialize Disk.

  9. In the Initialize Disk window, click OK.

  10. Right-click the same disk drive, then click New simple volume.


Your additional storage appears once you've initialized the disk and created a new simple volume.

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