Video error during startup


Video errors appear if Shadow cannot not stream its picture to your device, but this error can be caused for several different reasons. Windows updates, outdated drivers, resolution settings, and incompatible graphics cards tend to be the most common reason for video errors.

To resolve this issue, try the following:


Restart or shutdown in Shadow

  1. Open the Shadow app.

  2. Click the white arrow next to the Start button.

  3. Click Restart Windows Snag_1b802a97.png. If the issue persists, choose Shutdown Shadow Snag_1b80f6f0.png.

  4. Like Windows, Shadow takes a moment to shut down. Wait approximately 1 minute before starting Shadow.

  5. Click Start.


If the video error persists and you've exhausted our suggestions, our Support team can help! Log in to My Account, then click "Support" to submit a ticket. In your message, describe the issue and mention the video error.

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