Set up Windows 10 for Shadow


Your Shadow includes a unique, genuine copy of Windows 10 dedicated to your account and your account only. In the following instructions, you'll learn how to set up Windows 10 and which settings you should use. We'll also cover how to change the language for Windows 10.

Tips: By default, Windows' Cortana guides you through the Windows 10 setup. To mute Cortana, click the microphone icon in the bottom-left corner.


If Windows appears to have defaulted to French, you can change your language during setup. For reference: Anglais (États-Unie) = United States, Anglais (Royaume-Uni) = United Kingdom.

  1. Choose the language you'd like to continue using during setup, then click Yes. If possible, Windows defaults to the language most similar to your region.

  2. Choose your region. Again, Windows automatically detects your region.

  3. Confirm which keyboard layout you prefer to use. Keyboards vary by country and language. Choose the option that best meets your needs.

  4. Confirm whether you want to add a second keyboard layout. This may be ideal if you speak multiple languages. To continue, click Add Layout on the left. To skip this question, click Skip on the right.

    If you chose to add a second keyboard layout, confirm which keyboard layout you prefer to use.

  5. Next, Microsoft Windows' License Agreement needs confirmation that you agree to their licensing terms. Click Accept to continue.

  6. Sign in to your Microsoft account (a) then click Next. In this tutorial, we'll sign in to our Microsoft account. To skip signing in or sign in later, click Offline account (b).

  7. Enter your phone number to link Windows to your phone and PC (a). To skip this option, click Do it later (b). We'll skip this step for this tutorial.

  8. To use Microsoft's cloud storage service OneDrive, click Next (a). If you prefer not to use OneDrive, click Only save files to this PC (b). We decided to opt out of OneDrive.

  9. To make Cortana your personal assistant, click Yes (a). To decline, click No (b). We chose to decline.

  10. Next, choose your privacy settings. We recommend disabling all options shown here. To turn a setting off, click the toggle Snag_610b7aa.png icon next to it. To continue, click Accept.

  11. You're all set! Kick back, relax, and grab a Nuka Cola while Windows takes care of the rest, then Shadow is yours to play.


Windows presents you with a login screen once setup is finished. First thing's first: install your favorite software and games, or stream on the web.

Need help prepping Windows? No problem. Refer to our help articles:

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