Install Shadow on Windows


We're proud to offer Shadow on a wide variety of Windows operating systems, both 32 and 64-bit. If you have Windows 7 or a newer operating system, you're one step closer to having Shadow on your computer. Before you install Shadow on your Windows computer, make sure your computer meets our minimum requirements.


  1. Download Shadow.

  2. Locate ShadowSetup, then double-click the Shadow Shadow_logo.png icon.
    Downloads are usually located in your Downloads folder.

  3. Once Shadow finishes installing, the application searches for updates.

    Shadow will check for updates and install them as necessary.

  4. Once Shadow is installed, log in using your name and email address.


If this is your first time logging in, Shadow will require you to finish setting up Windows 10. If you find you're unable to log into Shadow, confirm you have received your activation email. Your activation email may be in your spam/junk folder. Once your activation email has been received, you can log into Shadow. Your billing cycle does not start until you've logged in.


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