Unable to download from the Microsoft Store


If you are having issues downloading games or software from the Microsoft Store, the following fix may resolve your problem:

  1. In your Shadow, open Command Prompt as administrator.  
    • Click the search button next to the Start menu
    • Type in "Command Prompt"
    • Right click the Command Prompt app
    • Click "Run as administrator"
  2. Type/paste in “fsutil behavior set DisableEncryption 0” and press enter.
  3. Restart Windows for the setting to take effect.
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  • I have this problem and this did not fix it.

  • No success here either. What's the solution Shadow?

  • Try these simple steps:
    1) go to the search box and type: services
    2) Select "Services - Desktop App"
    3) Hit "w" and look for "Windows Update", Double-click on it.
    4) In the window, change the "Startup Type" from "Disabled" to "Automatic".
    5) Click "Apply" and "Ok".

    That's it!

    This would also be a good time to perform your updates.

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