Star Citizen freezes during installation


During installation, Star Citizen may freeze or otherwise fail if the installer detects the game is not compatible with your system. Star Citizen requires 16GB of RAM, whereas Shadow includes only 12GB. Users have been successful installing Star Citizen with the help of this article. Let's get Star Citizen installed and start living in the 30th century.

Tip: The latest installer for Star Citizen should resolve this issue. If you haven’t already, download a newer setup file for Star Citizen and try installing again.

Before you continue:

  1. Ensure you have plenty enough space on your Shadow to install Star Citizen.
  2. Make sure the Star Citizen client has been uninstalled and the old directory were deleted.

Next, we'll create a VHDX file, then mount it.


For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


Create a VHDX file

Check out this YouTube tutorial on how to create a VHDX, or follow these instructions:

  1. In Shadow, press WIN+X or right-click the Start menu icon.

  2. Click Disk Management.

  3. Choose volume where your VDHX will be created.
    For this demonstration, we’ll choose Acer (C:).

  4. Click Action > Create VHD.

  5. Configure your virtual hard disk:
    1. Choose a location. Click Browse, or just enter your file path.
    2. Under virtual hard disk format, click VHDX.
    3. For the virtual hard disk format, choose a generous size such as 100GB.
    4. Under Virtual hard disk type, click Dynamically expanding.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Scroll down the Disk Management window until you see a new "Unallocated" disk there.
    Snag_1187647.pngNext, we'll format this disk so Windows can actually use it to store data.

  8. Right-click the new Disk, then click Initialize.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Almost there! Right-click the black "Unallocated" area, then click New simple volume.

  11. The New Simple Volume Wizard will open. Click Next.

  12. When asked to specify the volume size, click Next without making changes.

  13. Assign a drive letter, then click Next. For this example, we’ll use F:/.

  14. Leave the default settings, as shown below, and enter a Volume label for your volume like "Shadow".

    Click Next.

  15. Finish.
    Your drive has been created! Next, mount your VHDX file.

Mount your VHDX file

To mount your VHDX file, refer to this YouTube video, how to mount VHDX or follow the instructions below:

  1. Press WIN+X or right-click the Start menu icon.

  2. Click Disk Management.

  3. Click the new drive we created in the previous section.

  4. Click Action > Attach VHD.

  5. Choose the VHDX file we created in the previous section. Or, click Browse, then click OK.


Try reinstalling Starship Citizen and get back to playing. Still have issues? Let us know.

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