Shadow's Security and You


Many of our users rightly have questions about the protection of their data and how we fight against hacking attempts.
Our team of developers have the mission to improve day by day security and develop features that will help reassure you.

Shadow protection today:

Apart from the protections related to the fact that your Shadow is hosted on a data center, which we will see a little further, Shadow is, among other things, protected by two features:

1 - We use a system of filtering by IP address, so to return on a
Shadow requires access to its local network.

2 - We also use a proprietary protocol to Blade the "SUFP".
Even if an someone were to extract your data, they would have the additional task of "interpreting" them to be able to use them.

Very soon :
We are developing a "tunnel" system between the data center and your Shadow. Working as the principle of a VPN, it will create a safe navigation road. It will be possible to activate or deactivate it because this solution is intended to add an additional layer of protection when accessing confidential data. This protection is not suitable for gaming.

Examples: Go to your bank's website, access confidential information, enter passwords, etc.

In a more distant future:
We will also create a single-key encryption channel each time you log on. At the moment, the information given by the streamer is in "clear" and with this new system the data of the controller will be encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Shadow VS the World

The difference with a traditional PC is that a Shadow is hosted in our data centers. This means that a team of network and infrastructure professionals is on standby and has much better control tools and protections than the average user.
In the case of an attempt to intrude our Data Centers, an intruder will have to go through our Firewalls and this will be detected by Blade. This will enable us to take the necessary measures. In addition, thanks to our IP address filtering system, it will be necessary to target a specific Shadow.

Less linked to an external attack but related to security, we also plan to allow backup of your Shadow sessions. This will help fight ransomware and other viruses that could block access to your Shadow.

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  • This is a very good article! Great work!

  • Will resources on the Shadow PC be available on my local network? Can I self-host a node server, for example, and access it via IP?

  • Hi Shadow team! Any update on this? Security is obviously really important but this article doesn't go in to sufficient detail, nor is it clear.

    The article seems to suggest data between the Shadow client (running on my PC/laptop/phone and the Shadow in your data-center is 'in the clear' i.e. unencrypted. So if i type a password in on my PC, the keystrokes are sent in the clear across the internet? Surely not. If so, you need a massive disclaimer on your service stating its only for gaming use and must not be used for any secure transactions!

  • Can we get an update on this? This is literally the only thing that prevents me from endorsing your service with my gaming friends.

    Security through obscurity is no security. Even a clearer idea of why sending traffic to the shadow instance in the clear seems off lesser importance would be good. For example are you encrypting the input stream but not the video stream for performance, etc.

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