What is the H265?
The H265 is the future of the video codec that will replace the H264, it is also called HEVC for High Efficiency Video Coding.

This new codec has several qualities compared to its predecessor: superior quality for the humblest connections.

What interest?
For Shadow the great interest is to reduce both latency and bandwidth requirements. This improves the 4G experience, but also allows people with at least 5 Mbps downstream to enjoy Shadow.

Is it compatible?
Not all computer models are compatible. If you want to know which devices are compatible with the H265 it is often synonymous with DirectX 12.
If your card, graphics chipset is DX12 compatible it should decode the H265.
If it is not, turn off your Graphics Card and switch to your Intel Chipset, generally more compatible.

I have latency in H265!
The H265 is intended for low flows. If you are in 50 Mbps bandwidth, the video conversion will be very heavy and H265 should therefore be disabled.

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