There is no video signal from my Shadow box


In case you encounter a black screen i.e. before the login page Shadow, there are several solutions to be tested:

  • Check that the screen is turned on and connected to the Shadow box
  • Test another cable between the Shadow box and the screen
  • Test another port on the screen
  • If the screen is a TN panel, try another screen
  • Test without an adapter

If none of these solutions work, do not hesitate to contact Support by specifying the following information:

  • Type of connection (optical fiber, coaxial cable, ASDL)
  • Speedtest from a local device
  • Internet service provider
  • Date and time of appearance of the problem
  • Client version number
  • Streamer version number
  • Server version number
  • Version number of your NVIDIA drivers
  • Client type (box, Windows, Mac OS, Android)
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  • Keep getting endless "Your shadow seems to be taking a while to boot up" messages. This has several times before until I completely wipe and re download everything (which ends up taking about a day and is clearly not fun). My shadow works at best 50 percent of the time, its an absolute joke as it seems to be every weekend i.e. the only time I actually get a change to use it! If you are considering getting this I would think again, I'm looking at other options. Will probably just get a dedicated gaming laptop if no competitors as at least then I could actually use it (and not have to completely wipe 3 times!)

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