My mouse pointer keeps disappearing on the screen



If the mouse cursor does not appear on the screen, please read the below solutions:

  • Using the mouse normally by moving it for a few moments, the cursor may come back on its own
  • Use the "Restart Streaming Service" feature in the application task bar or in the Control Panel of the box
  • Turn off Windows in the Shadow app and restart it (a shutdown is always more efficient than a restart)
    Note: The Control Panel opens with a simple press of the power button on the back of the case

    If the problem persists

Contact our Support team and provide the following information:

  • Type of connection (optical fiber, coaxial cable, ASDL ...)
  • Speedtest from a local computer (option 1 / option 2)
  • Internet Service Provider (BT, Sky, Virgin Media, Comcast, ATT)
  • Date and time the problem occurred
  • Platform (Box, Windows Application, Mac OS, Android)
  • Shadow box: Client + Streamer + Server version numbers visible at the bottom of the control panel
  • Applications: Visible version number at the bottom right of the Shadow launcher
  • Version number of your NVIDIA drivers
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