I am experiencing a lower FPS rate


There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • If the screen is connected to your Shadow box, it is a television mode. Please activate the game mode.
  • Disable V-Sync and triple buffering
  • If the problem occurs in a game, make sure that the FPS of the game are fixed and aligned with the Hertz of your screen
  • If the problem occurs in a game, lower the graphics quality to maximize fluidity.
  • If the problem still persists, please contact Support by specifying the following information:
    • Type of connection (optical fiber, coaxial cable, ASDL)
    • Speedtest from a local computer
    • Internet service provider
    • Date and time of the problem
    • Client version number
    • Streamer version number
    • Server version number
    • Version number of your NVIDIA drivers
    • Client type (box, Windows, Mac OS, Android)
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  • Things is, if the GPU is equivalent to a GTX 1080, why should we have to do all this and lower graphics settings to get to 60 FPS?

  • Hello Ben,
    This topic concerns games in general.
    Some early access games and other super resource consuming games like Star Citizen need to see their graphics lowered even with a GTX1080 to increase the fps.

  • what FPS should you expect to see over the internet? will the bandwidth bottle neck the fps to 60 or could I utilise my 144htz screen

  • Hello Andrew,
    No matter what you use Shadow for, it can display 144 fps if you use your 144Hz screen.
    You will need more than 15Mb/s to use such a feature. The higher bandwidth the better.

  • hi ive just got shadow

    its running really bad I have all my resolutions correct and my internet is 55mbps none of my games run without massive lag even on a lower bandwidth setting. games like paladins which should run easily. fps is there at 144 but it lags so hard I cant even play

  • Hello Nathan,
    Sorry to hear such a feedback. However, your situation is not normal if you have a proper internet connection.
    Have you contacted our customer support through your customer account ?

  • I have a computer with a gtx 1080 in it and I got shadow because my internet speed is absolute garbage and I live in a dorm so I can't change it. The performance is pretty bad and it claims to have gtx 1080 equivalent. is there anything I should do in Nvidia settings (like which to dedicate PhisX to, etx.) Thanks

  • I can't play Battlefield 5 - it says the needed driver version is not high enough and when I do this:


    It loads but its unplayable. A quadro is not a gaming card, it is already at the latest version according to nVidia. Please halp.

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