How to report a technical problem


If you are experiencing a technical problem, you can report your issue to our Shadow Support heroes. Certain information can be helpful for our heroes in order to quickly resolve the problems that you’re facing. Find below a list of things to look out for when reporting a problem.


Report a startup problem

When your screen is stuck during startup and is preventing you to get to the Windows home screen (for example, a black screen or a failure of video streaming), please check out the common error messages/issues in this article to see if you can find a solution yourself.

If you are still experiencing this problem, contact Support:

           1. Shut down Shadow first

It is important that your Shadow is turned off, otherwise our Support team will not be able to perform maintenance on it. Important: Our Support team will never perform any action if your computer is in use.

           2. Contact support at (UK) or (US)

Indicate the error message or symptom encountered in the subject of your email. Specify in the body of the message which Internet connection you have and what actions or installations were performed during your last use of Shadow. If you have actioned anything that is on our Not recommended for Shadow list, please don’t forget to mention this as well.

Report a Hardware problem

You have a hardware problem if one of your devices do not work, or is not working properly with Shadow. For example, when your mouse or other peripherals are not recognized within Shadow. Sound interruptions in headphones for example, also fall into this category. If you are experiencing these problems, please send a message to our Support team and provide the below information.

Indicate the problem encountered and the device concerned in the subject of your email. In the body of the message, please provide the following:

  • Description: The description of the problem encountered.
  • Client: The client on which the problem occurred (box, macOS, Android or Windows).
  • Versions: The version of the applications. Info of the Shadow box; the client, server and streamer versions, which can be found via the Control Panel.
  • Internet connection: All the related info on your connection. Check below section on Info on internet connection/speed
  • Devices: The reference of the peripherals used, if possible with a link to the product page.
  • Connections: How devices are connected (USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or audiojack)
  • Local computer: Are the devices working on a different computer?
  • Reproduce problem: Does following different steps reproduce the problem?

Report a software problem

You have a software problem when the use of your Shadow is disrupted. It may be that the software does not work properly or there are difficulties encountered on the Windows desktop. Some examples are latency in a game or graphic problems in the app.

If you have a problem with software, please contact our Support team. Indicate in the subject of your email the problem encountered and the device concerned. In the body of the message, please provide as much information as possible:

  • Description: The description of the problem encountered
  • Client: The client on which the problem occurred (box, macOS, Android or Windows).
  • Versions: The version of the applications. Info of the Shadow box; the client, server and streamer versions, which can be found via the Control Panel.
  • Internet connection: All the related info on your connection. Check below section on Info on internet connection/speed
  • Devices: The reference of the peripherals used, if possible with a link to the product page.
  • Antivirus: Name of the program and version installed on Shadow. Also specify the antivirus on the local device on which you are using the application if applicable.
  • Storage space : the amount of free space on the hard drive of your Shadow.
  • Software: The list of large software programs (> 50 GB) installed on your Shadow.
  • Reproduce problem: Does following different steps reproduce the problem?

Info on internet connection/speed

Here is the list of information to provide regarding your internet connection:

  • Internet Service Provider : BT, Sky, Virgin Media
  • Connection type : ADSL, VDSL, Optical fiber ...
  • Connection : Wi-fi, CPL, ethernet ...
  • Screenshot: Speed test 1 and test 2 done from another local computer
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  • Hi, im currently unable to access my vm. My internet is fineand i am using thr beyond app. Ive tried shutting gown thr vm but no luck. It gets stuck on thr waiting for first frame message. Thanks

  • Hello Steven,
    The Shadow Beyond app is currently in Beta version.
    We recommand you to try again from the official app before potentially switching back to Shadow Beyond.

  • Hello,

    How to I have my shadow recognize my wireless printer so I can print something out. When I go to printers and scanners it does not see the printer. It is not connected with a USB but wireless to my network.

    Thank you

  • Hello Mauricio,
    You need to go to the beta version of the Shadow Box and activate the Local Network feature in the control panel to detect your wireless printer on your local network.

  • Hello,
    The new software update is causing a lot of cracking on the audio. I noticed the same thing when I was using the Beta version which has not been able to update for over a month.

  • Hello Mauricio,
    Our latest update brought a whole lot of improvements but also several bugs and regressions.
    Our developers are currently working on the sound issues as it is a priority.
    Please don't hesitate to make your feedbacks on Discord. Thanks a lot for your comprehension.



  • This is my second request for support. I sent this yesterday.

    I would like to add an external hard drive for more storage on my Shadow because 250 GB is now enough space. How do I access a drive when I am running Windows on my iMac?

    I tried adding my dropbox account in the "online" only mode and Shadow still tells me I need another 64 GB to move my 90 GB of data. Which makes no sense since Dropbox has 1 TB available.

  • Hello Otis,
    There is no external hard drive support on our Mac app yet.
    We indeed encourage you to use services such as Dropbox for your additional storage in the meantime.
    Regarding the issue with Dropbox, Shadow is not concerned as it is a compatibility problem between Windows and Dropbox.
    Are you sure you've setup your Dropbox account correctly ?

  • I live in Ireland. In a different post it was mentioned that you can buy the vm on the english version. Will it be a problem if I can't submit a uk phone number and/or address?

  • Hey we have a data center! Can you have someone contact me at

  • I keep getting this message when playing fortnite

  • Hi im having problem with sound in my shadow i thought it was my computer but when i switched off the app the sound in my normal windows works but then when i turn shadow on again it sound like a old tv

  • Windows update fails with this message. No updates in 2 days, including no updates to Windows Defender.
    There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070422)

  • Just signed up ... gets as far as the following .... 3/3:Waiting for Video ... Then get 'video error, please try again' tried everything

    £27 already paid .... please help

  • Hello everyone,

    Windows updates fails are fixed now, you should be able to reconnect as usual.
    If the problem remains, please contact customer support with the contact button below or from your customer account.

  • Good evening, I am unable to access my vm, after updating nvidia drivers. I followed the technical support guides and nothing has worked. I requested a ticket and have been waiting for 8 hours a reponse.

  • I Am having 2 problems. One is my microphone, it doesn't connect to shadow. When I switch my desktop audio, shadow does not have sound.

  • Hi I'm having problems with my mouse cursor, if I was to load up a game for example, Fortnite/CSGO my mouse cursor will be on the screen, next to my crosshair I have tried a few things but nothing has worked to remove it

  • Hello Nico,
    Unfortunately I don't have enough info to help you through this but be sure the customer support will give you a reply shortly.

    Hello Mazin,
    You need quite a good upload bandwidth to use a microphone on Shadow (corresponding to the amount of data it sends per second). Please check your upload bandwidth, if your mic works properly on a local device, and contact the customer support through your Shadow customer account

    Hello Fabrizio,
    This problem can occur when you have packet loss on your internet connection. Next time the problem appears, please check the statistics feature of the Shadow control panel app (installed on your Shadow) if you have some packet loss (last line). If so, you might want to see with your internet provider how to optimise your connection stability.

  • Can't log in after creating account to call customer support. Im just wondering, i see windows 7.. but i have windows vista 32 bit.. also i have a nvidia geforce 240 gt card and maxed out at 4gb ram. also im buying (?) an ethernet cord to get better connection.. but am i wasting my time with windows vista 32 bit?? i really hope not!! im REALLY interested in trying this program!!!!

  • Hello Stephen,
    Shadow is available for Windows 7 and above only.
    Unfortunately if you are running Windows Vista this is most likely the reason why it doesn't work.

  • i never paid for the subscription, luckily! but i had issues logging into the site to call customer support. thank you anyways! now to upgrade to windows 7.. just bought an ethernet cord and my internet was perfect for this too! :'-(

  • hi there saw that you need high upload speed for mics could you specify exactly how much you need

  • Hello Kimberly,
    It really depends on your microphone recording quality.

    For example, if it is a high definition microphone that records files at let's say 5Mb/s, you will need more than 5Mb/s stable upload bandwidth in order to have a fluid sound quality from your microphone and avoid creating latency for your other inputs like keyboard and mouse.

  • so 20 mb upload and 300mb dl will be enough id say

  • Unless your mic consumes 20Mb/s, it should be enough yes.

  • Im having a very hard time trying to set up my account. It won't let me add in my promotional key; when i try and add it in, the screen whites out, and no images apear even through i try and refresh. If I continue without putting in my promotional key, i get locked up at the address screen where it tell me that my address in invalid, even though it is. Any help would be deeply appreciated here...

  • Hi I am not getting no sound on Shadow but I am on my normal desktop so I know it is not my laptop with the issue. The issue is on your side. Can you sort it out please?

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