Getting started with Shadow


Welcome! If you've just purchased a subscription to Shadow, your days investing gil into obsolete hardware are finally over. For the next 15 minutes, this article will be your companion on your quest to greatness. Let's get started, kupo! 

 In this guide, we'll go over how to:

Tip: For best results, follow this guide in order from beginning to end. Before you continue, make sure your device meets Shadow's minimum requirements.


Download and install Shadow

Shadow is a very lightweight application and does not make any changes to your computer. To download and install Shadow onto your device, go to My Account > Applications.


Setting up Shadow

Although setting up your Shadow is typically easy, you may find this section helpful if you need guidance on how to:


Configure your monitor or screen

The resolution and refresh rate of your Shadow should be the same as your monitor. To check your resolution and make changes, see how to set a custom resolution.

Tip: Higher frequencies require faster upload speeds. If the image appears blurry, pixelated, or frames are dropped, your upload speeds may not be powerful enough to run the chosen frequency. Either the resolution or the frequency need to be lowered. 

For help adjusting your monitor or screen:


Connect mice, keyboards, and controllers

Wired, wireless, and bluetooth devices are all recommended. Some USB devices may not work as expected and we're working on improvements.

For help with your mice, or controllers:


Listen to audio devices

Because USB support is somewhat limited, we recommend using headphones and microphones with an auxiliary cable. If Shadow is not detecting sound:

  • make sure your local computer, phone, tabler, or other device can detect your devices and play sounds
  • use other applications to test sound (play music, games, or videos)
  • install or update sound drivers on your local device and/or Shadow 

For more help troubleshooting sound and audio devices:

Tip: Headphones and microphones require faster upload speeds. If your headphones or microphone is producing a buzzing, static, or "choppy" sound, try increasing your Shadow's bandwidth and, if possible, connect your device via Ethernet.


Install software on Shadow

Your Shadow's Windows 10 operating system lets you install any software as long as it's compatible. For help installing software on your Windows 10 operating system in Shadow, refer to Microsoft's article on how to install programs on Windows 10

Warning: It is not permitted to install software that forces Shadow to operate outside of its normal operations. This also includes torrenting software and cryptocurrency mining. See our Terms of Use.


Improve your connection to Shadow

Shadow may be powerful, but it does require a stable internet connection in order to access your account. To reduce performance issues, we recommend you follow our advice to reduce latency on your Shadow.


Caring for your Shadow

Like most Windows computers, we recommend showing your Shadow a little extra care once in a while. Caring for your Shadow is easy and requires little effort. To ensure your Shadow is performing at its best, you should do the following:


If you're reading this, you've reached the end of our guide! Time to get back to the grind. 


Have issues with Shadow? We care.

Please note some problems may be related to Windows or other software on your Shadow and not actually caused by Shadow itself. Nonetheless, Shadow Support is happy to try and rectify issues unrelated to Shadow, if possible.


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