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Because the technology in Shadow is unique, we ask that you refrain from making any changes mentioned in this article. These changes range from installing various software to violating our Terms of Use. If any of the advice in this article is ignored, this may greatly impact your experience using Shadow and even cause your account to be terminated.


Reinstalling Windows

Windows is installed for you and should not be reinstalled using standard methods. If you need to format, wipe, or reset Windows, refer to My Account.


Installing antivirus, firewall, or VPN

Antivirus, firewall, and VPN applications can interfere with Shadow's operations and, if installed, may require you to reset Shadow to factory settings. At most, we recommend using Windows Defender or F-Secure and Windows Firewall. 


Modifying Shadow

You may not modify Shadow at any capacity. Modifying Shadow constitutes adding, deleting, or changing the following:

  • registry keys
    • Changing the Windows registry can disable some services.
    • Pay particular attention to "bloatware", "junkware", or other cleaning software like CCleaner, which may automatically change the registry.
  • Shadow's processes, services, and hardware
    • Removing the graphics card or the network card immediately stops the service.
    • Using the components to overclock your Shadow are susceptible to breakdowns and is therefore forbidden.
  • Shadow's BIOS
    • Changing the BIOS can have considerable impact on the functionality of Shadow. If however you lose access to your Shadow due to mishandling, we are forced to reset your Shadow, which results in the loss of your data.
  • other Blade or Shadow programs
    • Several programs run in the background are necessary for the proper functioning of the service.
  • Overclocking Shadow
    • Overclocking often overheats CPUs and may damage surrounding hardware.


Mining cryptocurrency

It is not allowed to mine cryptocurrencies, as described in our Terms of Use. Mining causes serious damage to Shadow's hardware and consumes a lot of power. Shadow is a computer for everyday use and not intended for mining.


Torrenting, pirating, or downloading illegal content

Downloading using torrents are prohibited as described in our Terms and Conditions, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and the No Electronic Theft Act (NET).


Hosting servers

Shadow is not intended to be used as a server and doing so violates our Terms of Use. Additionally, Shadow may not be used for business or commercial purposes.


Booting to Safe Mode

Booting Shadow to Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking stops al streaming services. If Shadow has been booted to Safe Mode, you must reset your Shadow to factory settings. 


Installing virtualization software

Shadow does not support virtualization software and cannot be enabled to do so. Attempting to enable virtualization constitutes as modifying Shadow, which is not allowed.



If you've encountered a problem and have committed any of the items above, contact our support heroes and mention the actions you took prior to the incident.





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  • Please add, that Virtual Machines are not supported.

  • Installing an antivirus: Only a few antivirus programs work with Shadow, please find the list here.

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